Time For Money To Leave Account

  1. This section applies to all Bookings for Makeup Services made by a Fanatic via the Site. Artists will be required to either confirm or reject the Booking request within the Booking Request Period, otherwise the Booking will be deemed to have been rejected and the Fanatic shall receive a total refund. Artists must use their best endeavours to respond to a Booking within the Booking Request Period.
  2. When a Booking is made, Palette Official will share with Artists:
    1. the full name of the Fanatic who has made the Booking;
    2. a link to the Fanatic’s profile page on its Member Account;
    3. the Fanatic’s preferred date, time and location for the Booking; and
    4. details of the Makeup Service which the Fanatic requires.
  3. The Makeup Fee will be displayed before the Fanatic makes a Booking. When an Artist confirms a Booking, Palette Official will send the Artist and Fanatic a notification via their Member Account confirming and summarising such Booking. 
  4. Palette Official will collect the Artist Deposit and the Booking Fee from Fanatics at the time of the Booking or upon the Artist’s confirmation, via the Payment Method. Palette Official will deduct the Booking Fee and thereafter initiate payment of the Artist Deposit to the Artist within 5 Business Days of the Artist accepting the Booking. Payment of the Balance should be arranged between the Members, and Palette Official will not be responsible for collecting the Balance.
  5. Artists are solely responsible for honouring any confirmed Bookings and delivering Makeup Services. The Fanatic agrees to accept any terms, conditions, rules and restrictions associated with such Makeup Services imposed by the Artist, and the Fanatic acknowledges and agrees that they will be responsible for performing the obligations of any such agreements. The Fanatic agrees and understands that Palette Official are not a party to such agreements, and that Palette Official disclaim all liability arising from or related to any such agreements.
  6. Booking cancellations by Fanatics. Where a Fanatic cancels their Booking via the Site for a reason set out at 7.7.1 to 7.7.2 below, the Booking will be cancelled and Palette Official will refund the Fanatic in full for the Makeup Service. The relevant reasons are:
    1. Palette Official or the Artist have told the Fanatic about an upcoming change to the Makeup Service or this Agreement which the Fanatic does not agree to;
    2. Palette Official or the Artist have told the Fanatic about an error in the Makeup Fee or Listing and the Fanatic does not wish to proceed.
  7. If a Fanatic wishes to cancel a Booking via the Site but not for one of the reasons set out above, the Booking will be cancelled but no refund of the Makeup Fee shall be given. The Makeup Fee does not include cancellation insurance cover. Palette Official advises Fanatics to take out their own personal cancellation insurance.
  8. Booking cancellations by Artists. An Artist may cancel the Booking at any time during the Booking Request Period, providing it is not cancelled within 3 days before the date of the Makeup Service. If an Artist cancels a confirmed Booking for Makeup Services, or an unconfirmed Booking within 3 days before the date of the Makeup Service, the Artist must refund an amount equivalent to the Booking Fee and the Artist Deposit for such Booking to the applicable Fanatic within 7 days of the cancellation of the Booking. If a Fanatic does not receive a refund, an email, or other communication from the Artist regarding the cancellation of the confirmed Booking, the Fanatic must contact Palette Official.
  9. An Artist who cancels a confirmed Booking agrees and understand that Palette Official may apply penalties or consequences to the Artist or their Listing, including:
    1. publishing an automated review on their Listing;
    2. keeping the calendar for their Listing unavailable or blocked for the dates of the cancelled Booking; or
    3. imposing a cancellation fee, in which case the Artist will be notified if the cancellation fee applies before the Artist cancels the Booking.
  10. Booking cancellations by Palette Official. Palette Official may decide from time to time and in its sole discretion that it is necessary or desirable to cancel a confirmed Booking made via the Site. This may be for reasons such as a Member failing to comply with the terms of this Agreement, a Member cancelling their Member Account, or for any other reason. Where in these circumstances the innocent party is a Fanatic, Palette Official shall assist the Fanatic in recovering from the Artist the monies paid in accordance with the Booking. Palette Official will not have any other liability for such cancellations or refunds.
  11. Members are responsible for any modifications to a Booking and the Member agrees to pay any Makeup Fee, Booking Fee, Artist Deposit or other fees associated with such Booking modifications when required to do so.