• General

  • What is Palette Official?
  • Palette Official is a unique make up social media platform, which offers any professional artist their own signature profile in the cosmetic world. This is a concept make up is all about; being identified as unique. Palette allows any professional artist to make their mark in the beauty industry. We hold two core functionalities; working as a social media network to share and create content, whilst also offering a booking platform that enables individuals to create their own business portfolio.

    Palette Official allows an individual to sync their existing social media accounts, including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Pinterest in one place. A LinkedIn for the make up world, Palette is a fully functional social media network that carries all posts from existing profiles on one platform. Allow your clients to admire your work, get in touch and book an appointment, whether they are from a modelling agency or they are your regular appointments Palette has no limits.

    Our unique booking system at Palette Official allows the artist, to accept or decline bookings. If you accept, the deposit amount you have decided on will be instantly transferred to you; eliminating the hassle of chasing any unpaid appointments. Cancelled appointments are also no longer a burden, as all accepted, pending and declined appointments are logged to allow the artist to come back to fill their spare time.

  • Why Palette Official?
  • For an Artist :

    Unlike other sites we give you the opportunity to have all social media sites in one place, letting your followers see more of your individuality and skill! With that our booking system comes hand in hand - let people view your profile and book you in a matter of minutes and take the deposit straight into your bank account. Quick, easy and functional. Invite your clients to Palette so they can vouch for you and leave their own reviews for you to build your client base!

    For a Fanatic:

    Sick of sprawling through instagram, not sure who has bought their 1023804320948 followers and who has a true eye for the makeup industry and the beauty world? Look no further. Palette Official is revolutionising the makeup industry by offering an organic artist’s profile.  Engage with artists, brands and bloggers  in a new way and learn about the latest trends across Palette Official.

  • Do I have to pay?
  • No you don’t! Paid profiles enable you to use our unique booking system, while if you just want to display your work you can have a functional social profile. However we do recommend you take advantage of the booking system - we get the deposits into your account instantly! £10 a month is all it costs to have your own makeup PA and fully functional social profile. As well as tons of exciting benefits.
  • Cancelations

  • What happens is a Makeup artist cancels on me?
  • If a makeup artist cancels on a Fanatics booking the refund needs to be requested by the Fanatic.

  • What happens is I cancel an appointment with a Makeup Artist?
  • A fanatic can not receive their deposit back once a booking is made. However if you are wishing to change the date and time of the booking seek a refund of the deposit and pay again over Palette.

    If there are any further problems contact us at contact@paletteofficial.com with the subject : REFUND HELP.

  • How to cancel my Booking?

  • Fraudulent Behaviour

  • What if someone is claiming my work is theirs?
  • If this is via a third party site such as facebook, instagram, twitter, youtube or pinterest we advise you approach them directly and look to resolving this issue away from Palette Official.

    If they have uploaded content please copy the URL and send an email to contact@paletteofficial.com with the subject : FRAUD HELP 1

  • Why Should I pay & Communicate through Palette Directly? (Answer similar to Airbnb)
  • Paying and communicating through Palette helps ensure that you're protected under our Terms of Service, cancellation and refund policies. It also makes it easy to find and reference important appointment details like your itinerary, timings, and other useful information. We can’t provide these benefits if your reservation isn’t booked and paid for directly through Palette Official

    Flag Suspicious Messages

    Never pay for your reservation outside of Palette. If someone asks you to pay for a reservation outside our on-site payment system let us know and click the flag icon in your message thread with that person. (I’ve Included this because people may choose to bypass using Palette and paying fees - also it protects the Fanatic)

  • Bookings

  • What if I don’t receive my deposit from a booking within 24 hours?
  • Contact the individual in question.
    If no response please contact us with the booking reference to contact@paletteofficial.com with the subject : DECLINED DEPOSIT.

  • What if i book a makeup artist and they don’t turn up?
  • If you have paid a deposit and the makeup artist has taken such and not completed the appointment please contact them for an immediate refund. If they do not proceed contact us directly with a copy of the message to contact@paletteofficial.com with the subject : FALSE APPOINTMENT

  • What happens if my artist cancels my booking?
  • If your reservation is cancelled by your Artist you'll have two options:

    • Transfer your payment towards a new Palette reservation
    • Get a full refund
  • Are Deposits Refundable?
  • Not if you have both confirmed the date and time of the booking

  • Can I make changes to a pending appointment?
  • They have to delete and reschedule?

  • What if I complete a makeover and I get a bad review?
  • Any bad reviews are between the artist and the individual at the appointment, Palette Official takes no responsibility for review this is a subjective matter and must be resolved between the individuals involved.

  • How do I make a booking?
  • One for you guys - the booking isn’t clear yet - It’s something we need to work on.

  • Payments

  • How do I receive payments for my bookings?
  • Link your paypal account to your Palette Account by

  • Security

  • How do I change my password?
  • Account settings in the top right toolbar
    Settings > Change Password

  • Are my images safe?
  • Everything you post onto Palette Official is your own content. We will not take credit for any of your own work.

  • How can I make my account private?
  • This facility isn’t available yet, but we will be bringing this feature to life very soon.

  • Uploads

  • How do I create an album for images?
  • Account settings in the top right tool bar
    Photos > Create Album > Upload

    Upload A single image

    Go to your profile > Share image
    Account settings in the top right tool bar
    Photos > Upload Image

  • How do I upload a video?
  • Go to your profile >Share video

    Account settings in the top right tool bar
    Photos > Upload Image

  • Social media channels

  • How do I connect my social media channels?
  • Account settings in the top right tool bar
    Edit Profile

  • How do I disconnect my social media channels?
  • Account settings in the top right tool bar
    Edit Profile > Remove account

  • How do I add or remove the areas I specialise in
  • Account settings in the top right tool bar
    Edit Profile > Click on the specialised area they will highlight grey if chosen.