What is?

Hello Creatives!
We are introducing an affiliates page where we reward you for bringing your clients to our site and booking you directly on there.
This is split into two categories : Artist Rewards and Client Rewards
Artist Rewards kiss
For every 10 bookings you gain through the site we will offer you a £10 Eldora Voucher to spend on your next lash order! 
Client Rewards kiss
For every 4 Bookings a client makes we are offering the £10 Makeover Voucher to use with any of our Artists, a cost we will cover as a company. 
Sound good? heart
We're monitoring all bookings from our end so we can watch this happen!  angel
  • Valid from 22nd March 2017 - 22nd September 2017.
  • No validation needed we monitor all through our end.
  • The £15 Eldora Voucher will be covered by Palette Official. 
  • The £10 will be transferred to the client once the booking and makeover has taken place.